Integrative Mammalian Biology

A partnership between biomedical scientists at the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde has attracted £3m in funding from the BBSRC, BPS, HEFCE, KTN, MRC and SFC to build capacity and support leading integrative mammalian biology teaching and research. Integrative mammalian biology is the study of how the body functions at a whole animal level and is central to development of new therapeutic approaches to human and animal diseases.

It is our aim to build capacity in in vivo research at undergraduate and postgraduate level and through the provision of specialised summer schools covering neuroscience and immunology techniques while encouraging and developing industrial links.

Summer school applications now open for 2014.  The Glasgow (neuroscience) and Strathclyde (immunology) courses will take place in June 2014.  Application deadline 2nd December 2013.  Full details are available at  

An overview of ongoing research and associated animal models of disease, methodologies and technologies available are listed under three broad research areas: cardiovascular, neuroscience and immunology.
University of Glasgow policy on the use of animals in research  

University of Strathclyde policy on the use of animals in research



Recent Awards
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Industrial Opportunities
An exciting new opportunity for academic staff to develop industrial links through PhD studentships..... more


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